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What is A "1-Year Subscription" or "Auto Renewal Service"?

"1-Year Subscription", also named "Auto Renewal Service", is a subscription type that you can choose while purchasing our products (MobiKin Assistant for Android, Doctor for Android, Assistant for iOS, Eraser for iOS, Transfer for Mobile). If you choose this subscription, you can use the purchased license code for one year. After 1 year, the 1 Year License will be automatically renewed. But you can select to cancel the subscription as well before the next billing period if you don't want to continue the service.

How to Place A Subscription Order?

Most of MobiKin's software products are available with a 1 year subscription service. When you place a 1 year subscription order on MobiKin, you agree to continue using the software and services and prepay the renewal fee for the order (plus applicable taxes) before the 1-year license expires. Please note that the entire renewal transaction is based on Digital River's Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy.

Once you order a 1-year license for MobiKin software, it means that the MobiKin software you ordered has a 1 year subscription, and subsequent payments will expire at the specified time. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, you agree to automatically charge the unit price for each subscription period to your credit card and/or bank account before the next billing period begins. If you choose to pay with PayPal (Partner: Digital River GBP GMBH), you agree to pay on a regular basis. You can check information about the duration, billing period, subscription period, and unit price for each subscription period on the Order Completion page and the invoice email.

order completion page

If you pay for the original order of a 1-year license for a MobiKin product using a credit or debit card, MyCommerce will send you an email with the subject "Your XXX subscription" to remind you that your subscription is due and you can choose to renew 14 days before expiration. Therefore, please follow your email from time to time to learn about subscription information. Please note that the rebilling reminder email's subject is generally as: Your "MobiKin Assistant for iOS - 1 Year, 1 PC License" subscription (MyCommerce Share-it order no. xxxxxxxxx)

After you pay or we receive your payment, you will be sent an email with an invoice of payment confirmation, and you can start using the subscription product. If the automatic payment is unsuccessful, you will also receive an email telling you that the subscription was cancelled due to an automatic payment failure, but your order will remain for 10 days. You can update your payment information within 10 days to resume your renewal order. Of course, you can re-submit a new subscription after 10 days.

Let's take MobiKin Assistant for iOS as example, you can place a subscription order of it as follows:

- Visit, click "iOS Tools" from the top navigation. Choose "Assistant for iOS" from the drop-down menu and click "Buy Now".

- Choose your preferred purchase program of 1 Year license, and click "Add to Cart".

- Enter your billing information and payment information.

- Check the subscription condition of your product, and click "Buy Now" button.

order completion page

How to Change Payment Information for Future Renewals?

If you want to update your payment information for future renewals, such as changing a credit or debit card, you can manage your subscription directly on MyCommerce. Here are the specific steps:

- Log into your account on MyCommerce ( as a customer.

log into mycommerce

- Click the "Order overview" to manage the order.

order overview

- Click "Change payment information for future renewals" option.

change payment info

- Modify your payment information as required and click "Save Data" option.

save changing

How to Cancel 1-Year Subscription?

You can cancel the subscription before it expires. Here are 3 ways to cancel the 1 Year Subscription:

Way 1. Cancel Subscription via MobiKin Support Center

You can email the unsubscribe request to Don't forget to provide your order number and user ID in the email so that we can find your order as soon as possible.

Way 2. Cancel Subscription on MyCommerce Directly (Recommended)

Since the order is handled by MyCommerce, you can cancel the subscription on the platform directly. Here is how:

- Visit the official website of MyCommerce by clicking the link: On this page, choose "Customer" to sign in your User ID and password, and then click "Log In" button to access your order info.

order search page

- Just click "Order overview" option to view the details of the order.

order overview

- Go to the bottom of the page to click on the "Cancel subscription" to cancel the recurring payment.

cancel 1 year subscription

- Click "Yes" on the pop-up window if you sure to cancel the subscription.

cancel subscription

- After you have done the operations above to cancel the related product subscription, you will receive an email with the subject of "Subscription cancellation for XXX", which means you have successfully canceled the subscription.

canceled successfully

Way 3. Cancel Automatic Deduction on PayPal to Stop Subscription

If you paid the order by PayPal, you can select to stop the 1 Year Subscription service by canceling the automatic deduction on the merchant on PayPal as well. The followings are the detailed steps:

- Tap on "Settings" and continue to choose the "Payments" option.

- Go to "Pre-approved payments" and tap on "Manage pre-approved payments" under the section.

- Choose the merchant's name "Digital River GBP GMBH" to view, modify or cancel.

- Click "Cancel" to complete the subscription cancellation process.

manage pre-approved payments

How to Confirm if the Subscription is Canceled Successfully?

If you get one of the following confirmations, you have successfully canceled the subscription:

1) Once you click the "Cancel Subscription" option on MyCommerce, a prompt of subscription cancellation will pop up. Please note that when you click the "Cancel Subscription" option, your order status will not change immediately, so please do not click repeatedly.


2) Your mail box has received a cancellation confirmation email from MyCommerce with the subject "Subscription cancellation for XXX". For example: Subscription cancellation for "MobiKin Assistant for Android - 1 Year License (1 PC)" (MyCommerce Share-it order no. xxxxxxxxx)

subscription canceled

For cancellation confirmation emails, you need to know the following:

A. Please check your spam folder to ensure that MobiKin is not included in the spam list. MobiKin's email sender is "".

B. After unsubscribing, MyCommerce will shortly send an email to you with the subject "Subscription cancellation for XXX".

C. If you have not received this email, or you are unsure if you have successfully cancelled your subscription, you can contact us by emailing to

How to Get a Refund after Renewing 1-Year Subscription?

Please kindly understand that according to our Refund Policy, a refund for the automatic renewal product is not supported. That's because:

When you enter the order page, MyCommerce would tell you how to turn off the service. (Here, the whole renewal transaction is based on the Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy of Digital River. And if you have any question about the renewal, you can go to the Customer Service Help page of MyCommerce.)

And while the order is completed, an e-mail with the subject of "Delivery information for XXX" will be sent to tell you the way to manage the subscription as well. What's more, 14 days before your subscription expires, MyCommerce will send you an e-mail again to inform you of the expiration and renewal. That means you can cancel the subscription any time before the expiration of 1 year. (Here, in order to know the subscription info timely, please keep an eye on your mailbox.)

However, if you meet the refund requirements of our Refund Policy and wish to get a refund, please submit a refund order by following the steps in "How Can I Get A Refund".


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